Leaders by role and Leaders by nature

by otherleadership

One of the aberrations we encounter in modern corporations when talking about leadership is the confusion between leadership roles and those people who truly are Leaders.

A true leader is not appointed but is simply recognized as such. Often the recognition of true leadership comes form the bottom of the organizations while the appointment of leadership roles certainly descends from the top of the pack.

The recognition of a leader is natural and happens by itself. When a leader is speaking the audience is dragged, feelings are moved and you can feel a thin slice of excited optimism laying down on your skin. When a leader by role speaks, the attention he or she will receive depends only on the impact those words can have onto the people listening. A leader by role shows forced and awkward behaviours, suggested by the indoctrinated definition of leadership that is commonly accepted in that organization. This model is often related to toughness and aggressiveness, with the use of saying the last words, listening thoughtlessly and answering with precipitation. Exactly the contrary of what we will see in a true leader.

True leaders can be at any level, and the success of an organization will be higher when meritocracy brings leaders by nature in leadership roles.

And you? How do you think you can recognize leaders by nature?