Natural Born Leaders

by otherleadership

History suggests multiple examples of Natural Born Leaders. These individuals seemed to have had success in whatever life gave them the opportunity to do. They inspired and moved feelings of those around them, while being often unconscious of their role. They were leaders by nature, not by role. They accepted with humbleness their duties and followed their natural talents with faith. They left their pride behind, and found enlightenment ahead.

Here’s for you a pearl of Taoism, 27-century-old, just to close with some ancient wisdom, that really never hurts:

The sage accepts the world
As the world accepts the Way;
He does not display himself, so is clearly seen,
Does not justify himself, so is recognized,
Does not boast, so is credited,
Does not pride himself, so endures,
Does not contend, so none contend against him.

Tao Te Ching, 道德經, Laozi (c. 6th century BC), full text available here.

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